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Stage Show 30-50 min

Specializing in Visually Stunning Magic & Illusion that every audience will go crazy about..  Money appears from thin air, objects transform in clouds of smoke, & objects vanish at high-speed before your eyes.. This is magic Steve performs yearly on stage at the Magic Castle, as well as on National TV around the world for more than 300 mill TV viewers.

The show finishes with his highly acclaimed Hand Shadow Act that was featured on NBC TV.  Even if the audience speaks another language, the magic will always translate brilliantly.. 

Strolling / Walk around Magic

Visual Magic that involves small objects like cards, rings, coins, rubber bands, business cards, pens, up close.  Many fans are most impressed with this form of magic because it appears to be most impossible, at just inches away from their eyes..  ( see vid page )

Duration from 30 min - 4 hrs.

Imagine you are at a business banquet where you'd love to make a business connection with another VIP.  Steve can make this easily happen in the most natural way.



If you're looking for high quality magic entertainment, especially in the Los Angeles area, then look no further.  Text or email for availability..

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